Meet The Team!

Leaders & Staff Members

Ian & Carole Rawley: Pastors
Ian became a Christian in 1974. After studying history in the USA, he read law at St John’s College, Cambridge and then completed his legal studies in London to become a barrister in 1980. Not long afterwards, he went to Bible College to prepare for ‘full-time’ Christian ministry. For 35 years he has been married to Carole, who had become a Christian in 1976. After a number of years in the world of teaching, she retrained and gained a Masters degree in Child and Adolescent Counselling. She works as a counsellor for two charities in Cambridge as well as overseeing our youth team and women’s ministry.

Ian and Carole have four adult children, one son-in-law and two daughters-in-law, and thoroughly enjoy being grandparents!
Liz Currie:  Family & Outreach Worker
Liz’s background is in teaching and voluntary youth work.  She divides her week between coordinating the Youth and Children’s work at NLC, and Inspire Prayer Spaces (GenR8). She writes and delivers prayer spaces to local Primary schools.   Liz and her husband John, have two children; Bethany now lives and works in London and Tom is at university.
James Pearson: Youth Worker
James is from Stevenage and has been working with our Youth and Young Adults for many years now.

James is passionate about Jesus and Arsenal FC!



On 1st June 2014, we celebrated the recognition of five eldership couples. They are: Clive and Shan Petry, Dave & Lis Silver, Andy & Dorte Slaymaker, Tom & Jan Watt and Martin & Julie Wilde. A little more can be found out about them here.


The Trustees work with the eldership team, to manage the financial and legal responsibilities of the Trust. The Trustees are Andy Slaymaker (Chairman), Martin Wilde (Secretary), John Currie (Treasurer), Ian Rawley, Janet Watt and Ben Wicks.

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