Our Story 

New Life Church (NLC) began life at Easter 2004, when about 50 people met together at Queen Edith School in Cambridge to worship and pray together.

However, having a large number of families based in the villages in the north of the city, it made sense for us to meet there, and for our first year we met regularly at Histon Junior School. However, in 2005 we were offered the chance by our friends at Histon Baptist Church to use their wonderful buildings on Sunday afternoons. This turned out to be a particularly special blessing, as it meant that many of our children could play football in the morning – and still be able to make it to our church meeting in the afternoon.

In the years since God has blessed us greatly – for many of us, New Life Church has been a real family – a place of acceptance, healing and restoration – in line with Ian and Carole’s original vision for the church (see What We Believe). Together we have grown in our walk with God.

Our youth group – now called Tribe – has also grown rapidly as our own children, children who go to other churches but are also looking to get together with other Christians, and chldren from familes who are not yet part of any church – have been drawn to its incredible mix of energy, activities, social action, Bible teaching and friendship. Parents see Tribe as a safe place for their children to grow as individuals and as Christians, where they will meet good friends and great role models. We see Tribe as a place where all children – whether they are part of NLC or not – can receive support, Christian teaching, and a lot of fun.

Ten years after its birth, New Life Church is a growing family that is increasingly looking outward, putting on events and conferences, and working actively with other churches and Christians.