Tribe with sparklers 2019

Please note that due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there will be no Tribe meetings until further notice.

Tribe is the youth ministry of New Life Church.

It's difficult to describe Tribe in a few words, but this is our attempt:

  • Tribe is a community, not an event.
  • We meet every Friday during school terms from 7-9pm, either at the William Collyn Centre in Girton or in church members' homes (see the Events Calendar for exact location each week).
  • We are committed to working closely with other churches and seek to join with them for support and in putting on events for young people.
  • Our cultural values are: Faith, Love and Hope.


We openly talk about and explore issues of faith and Christianity, not shying away from the big or controversial issues. We accept anyone with differing views to join us and join our discussion. We want to understand ourselves and others better.

We frequently have discussion-based sessions and we feel it is important for our young people to have a voice and an opinion on matters of faith and religion. People need to discover what they believe for themselves!


We are committed to journeying through life together and supporting each other in the tough times and laughing in the good times. We read our Bibles and see commands such as; love each other, encourage each other, care for each other, forgive each other, serve each other and be honest with each other. We take those commands seriously!

Tribe is to be a place where leaders serve, respect is shown to each other and people are safe.

And we have FUN together! We enjoy being together both when we’re learning and when we’re socialising, whether it’s Newday, bowling, watching a film, ice skating, days out, weekends away or some of the other crazy things we get up to.


As a group, we try to look beyond ourselves and see what is going on around us. We are involved in issues of social justice both in the UK and around the world. We get involved in helping people in different countries such as orphans in Zimbabwe and children of sex workers in India. We are committed to educating ourselves on these matters, raising awareness and making a practical difference. We get involved in national fundraisers (where we do things like building and living in a slum for the weekend) in order to help those who need it.

We aim to be an outward facing group, always welcoming those who come among us and making them feel at home. We involve our friends in the Tribe community and many of them like it so much they stay. We want to have a positive impact on our families, schools, workplaces and communities. 


Tribe Young Leaders

Our Young Leaders meet together after college and plan, train and hang out. They take responsibility for various areas within Tribe, often teaching, leading, planning events and looking out for the younger Tribers.


All of our Tribe volunteers are DBS checked and have agreed to work under our Safeguarding Policy.

Childline (free and confidential) 0800 11 11.