Midweek Groups

tribe chairs

Please note that due to the Coronavirus outbreak, midweek group meetings will take place online until further notice.

We have a number of groups that meet during the week in homes around the city of Cambridge.

Each provides opportunities for fellowship, friendship, bible study, worship and prayer in an informal setting. Since we believe that ‘the family that eats together, stays together’, there is usually also an opportunity to share food, drink and conversation.


The Whole Notes Gospel Choir, led by Elaine Diamand, meets at 7:45pm on Monday evenings at the William Collyn Community Centre, in Girton. For more details go to www.wholenotesgospel.org.uk


The Tuesday Afternoon Bible Study Group is led by Elaine Diamand at her home in Histon.  For more details, contact  Elaine via info@newlifechurchcambridge.org

The Tuesday Evening Prayer Group is run by David Silver and meets fortnightly at 7:30pm in South Cambridge to focus on prayer for NLC in general and for our mission to NW Cambridge in particular. For more details, contact  David via info@newlifechurchcambridge.org.


The Histon Home Group is run by Martin & Julie Wilde and meets at 7:30pm during term time on Wednesday evenings in Impington, and has a special focus on NW Cambridge.  For more details, contact  Martin and Julie via info@newlifechurchcambridge.org.


The Going Deeper Bible study group meets fortnightly at 7:30pm on Thursday evenings in South Cambridge and is led by James Pearson . It gives an opportunity to take a deeper look at the Christian world view and at some of the key themes in the Bible.  For more details, contact James via info@newlifechurchcambridge.org.


The Freedom In Christ group meets on Friday evenings in Oakington, and is led by Nikki Flack. For more details, contact Nikki via info@newlifechurchcambridge.org.

The Milton Home Group meets every Friday evening in Milton and is run by Clive & Shan Petry. For more details, contact Clive & Shan via info@newlifechurchcambridge.org